Essence of Thailand
Tom Yam Paste Tom Yam soup is the most well known Thai dish. Usually served as a soup, with shrimp or chicken and mushrooms, the hot and sour dish is a symbol of Thai cuisine. This aromatic paste can also be used as a sauce when steaming, and makes an exotic marinade for grilling and BBQ.
Thai Seafood Sauce This is a popular traditional Thai sauce specially used for seafood. A dish that is easily found all over Thailand, it is less familiar elsewhere, but now brought into your home by Dancing Chef. It can also be used for making Thai Otah (Hor Mok) and Thai fishcake.
Red Curry Paste Red Curry is one of the most popular Thai curries. This traditional preparation is made from the freshest herbs and spices. Excellent with any kind of meat or seafood, it becomes a signature Thai dish when cooked with roast duck and pineapple. The paste can also be used to make Singapore Fish Head Curry by adding tamarind juice, tomatoes and okra.
Yellow Curry Paste Yellow Curry contains a fragrant blend of roasted dried spices and is quite different from the other Thai curries. This mild but wonderfully aromatic paste makes a Thai curry when made with coconut milk, and a delicious Indian curry when made with yogurt.
Green Curry Paste Green curry is a quintessential Thai dish made with fresh green chilies and scented with an aromatic blend of herbs and spices. This easy-to-use paste makes a deliciously spicy yet delicate green curry with any kind of meat or seafood. It also makes excellent vegetable dishes.
Pineapple Rice Paste This is the classic Thai Pineapple rice. The paste is made using real pineapples with no artificial flavoring to give the natural flavor of this traditional dish. Stir-fry with rice and garnish with fried shallots for a quick and easy meal.
Suki Dipping Sauce Suki Sauce is a delicious ready-to-serve spicy dipping sauce that will enhance almost any meal and is the perfect condiment for steamboat. Complements well with seafood, meats, and tofu. It is important to mix in chopped coriander and roasted sesame seeds.