Thai Pineapple Rice
Dancing Chef Pineapple Rice paste   
Pineapples (Cut out the top, scoop out the flesh, pat dry and set aside)   
Cooked Rice               
Pineapple (diced)           
Crab meat               
Chinese sausage (sliced)           
Cooking oil               

Pork Floss
Spring Onions
Sliced Chilli
Fried Sliced Shallots
1 packet
1 pcs

2 rice bowls (550 g)
1 tbsp
1 tbsp
50 g
75 g
75 g
1 pcs
2 tbsp
1 tsp
Pineapple Rice Paste
1.    Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil in wok. Stir fry onion and shallot.
2.    Add Dancing Chef Pineapple paste, prawns, chinese sausage, stir fry till cooked.
3.    Add cooked rice and stir well. Fry the rice till piping hot.
4.    Add in crab meat, diced pineapple and pepper, mix well and transfer into the hollowed-out pineapple,. Put in oven and bake at 250⁰C for 10 minutes. Complete with garnishing before serving.