Steam Fish – Otah Style
• Dancing Chef Thai Seafood Sauce
• Fish Meat Boneless (Whole piece)
• Coconut Milk
• Water
• Egg
• Corn Flour
• Kaffir Lime Leave (Optional)
• Fresh Red Chili (Optional)
1 packet
450 g
100 ml
100 ml
1 Big size
1 tbsp
1 leave
1 piece
Thai Seafood Sauce
1.    Add Thai Seafood Sauce, Coconut milk, Egg, Corn Flour and water in a bowl, mix thoroughly to get an even paste.
2.    Cut Kaffir lime leaf and chilli in thin strips. Add into the paste. (If you have)
3.    Place fish in a tray, pour the ready mixed paste onto the fish.
4.    Steam or bake until cooked.