Creamy Fish Asparagus
Dancing Chef Asparagus soup    
Fish Fillet                
Ginger (sliced)            
Spring onion                
Asparagus (sliced)            
 1 sachet
1 piece
5 slices
2 stalks
½ stalk
2 bowls
1 tsp
100 ml
Cream of Asparagus
1.    Boil 2 bowls of water with ginger and spring onion in the flat frying pan.
2.    Add in fish fillet and simmer till fish is cooked.
3.    Take the fish out without water and put on the serving plate.

Fish sauce preparation:  
1.    Heat 1 tsp of butter in the wok.
2.    Add in 100 ml of water.
3.    Stir in 1 sachet of Asparagus soup and put in the sliced asparagus
4.    Stir till the sauce thicken. Pour over the fish and serve hot.

Tip: Simmer the fish for 1 minute. Flip over carefully once to cook the other side.