Chicken Pie with Mushroom Soup
Dancing Chef Mushroom Soup   
Green Pea               
Frozen Puff Pastry

1 sachet
8 g
20 g
80 g
20 g
100 ml
a pinch
Cream of Mushroom

• Sliced the mushroom and cut the chicken into small pieces for frying.
• Heat up a small frying pot, add in the butter.
• Fry the mushroom and chicken till cooked.
• Add in the green pea and water.
• Add in Dancing Chef Mushroom Soup, a pinch of pepper, mix well till soup dissolves and thickens.
• Pour mixture into a baking cup. Roll out the frozen puff pastry, cover the cup with pastry, brush over the pastry with egg yoke or milk and bake till pastry is golden brown.

Cooking Tips:
•    During step 5, remember to turn down the heat to the minimum for a good simmer, this will ensure a smooth & tender chicken mixture filling for your pie!  
•    Dancing Chef mushroom soup does not contain any MSG or artificial preservatives, which makes Dancing chef chicken pie a tasty & healthy choice for your family!